Mehlville District To Observe August 21 Eclipse

Fun In The Sun (And Moon) Light!
Posted on 07/17/2017

On August 21 a Total Solar Eclipse will occur across the US.  We will be one of the few lucky cities to experience the eclipse.  Teachers are preparing for a day of lessons about the Eclipse. It will be an exciting day!

Solar glasses will be provided to every student so that they may safely view the eclipse as it moves from partial to total and back to partial again.  Your student will be shown how to properly and safely use the glasses, giving them a safe view of this rare phenomenon.  Remind your students to NEVER look at the sun directly without the solar glasses, as permanent eye damage may occur by looking directly at the sun.

As a part of experiencing The Great American Eclipse on August 21, we also want to assure your child is safe.  Eye protection will be provided, but your child will likely be outside longer on this day at school than most.  

Sun Protection

  • Please plan accordingly and protect your child’s skin from the sun.  
  • Light colored, long sleeves and long pants may help, but it may just be too hot for them.  Consider a hat if your school allows.  
  • Please plan to apply sunscreen to your child prior to the start of the school day.  An SPF (sun protection factor) of at least 15 is recommended.  
  • If you know that your child is particularly susceptible to the sun, feel free to send sunscreen to school- it may be challenging, but we’ll do our best to have staff assist in re-application to skin exposed while at school.
  • We will NOT be providing sunscreen as too many students have skin sensitive to the various ingredients, so please send in a small bottle (labeled with name) of a product that you know is safe for your child.  
  • We plan to have a fun and educational day observing this rare, amazing natural phenomenon, and want to do our best to assure no students have uncomfortable or painful sunburns as their most vivid memory.   
  • Please allow your child to bring a hat suitable for sun protection.
  • Hats with a brim are best. Baseball hats or sun hats are perfect.
  • With the possibility of longer than normal outside time on this day, a hat will help shield faces and eyes from excessive sun exposure.
  • Classes may have lessons outside on the field or black top and a towel to sit on will make them more comfortable.
  • Eyewear will be provided, so please remind your child of the importance of wearing the solar viewing glasses while looking at the sun.

While St. Louis has been in the path of a partial eclipse before, we have not had a total eclipse since 1442.  The next total solar eclipse will occur in St. Louis in 2505.    

We are excited that everyone will be able to participate in this event.  
If there is a compelling reason you would not want your child to participate in this once in a lifetime event, please contact your child’s school. 

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